Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gas Or Electric String Trimmers

I had been using my dad's gas powered trimmer to edge the lawn and trim tall grass around the yard where it's hard to get to with the lawn mower. It was such a frustrating experience. It was heavy, noisy and awkward. A dirty little "2 stroke" engine that burns a mixture of gasoline and oil, real great to be breathing this exhaust, I'm sure.

I had problems starting it, then it didn't want to continue running. It probably needed a tune up, but I didn't like the looks of it. The fuel lines connect at the top of the fuel tank, does it run on fumes? I really don't know much about engines, but something about the way it looked bothered me.

I was already thinking that an electric trimmer would be better. The electric motor is lighter, and there's no exhaust to worry about. No chance of spilling gasoline, no mixing gas with oil, no fussing with air filters, and spark plugs.

A quick search online, and the Black & Decker Grass Hog Cordless String Trimmers looked like my best choice, especially when it comes with two 18v batteries which are compatible with other Black & Decker products...

Gas Or Electric String Trimmers


The Muse said...

We used a Grass hog when we were living in the city. They really do get the job done. However, we moved to the hill country and that poor thing really doesn't cut it here. We've had to get more industrial equipment. However, I've stepped up my recycling efforts to make up for it.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

CleanerLife said...

Thanks muse,
I can see how some might get frustrated trying to take care of a large property with these trimmers, but I think I can do it with 4 fully charged batteries.

The cold weather came and stopped the grass growing before I got a chance to try it this year.

I remain optimistic! :