Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn: Fresh Pumpkin Time

Fall is here, and this year I wanted to roast pumpkin seeds. Last year was the first time I had ever carved pumpkins, and loved having fresh roasted pumpkin seeds. When I ran out of pumpkin seeds, I tried roasting melon seeds. Not as satisfying as pumpkin seeds, but still worth a try.

So, this autumn I decided not to waste the first pumpkin as a Jack O' Lantern, and tried making pickled pumpkin. The first pumpkin turned out to be too big, but I didn't realize this until I had enough pumpkin cut up for one batch of pickled pumpkin -- just a quarter of the pumpkin!

I finished cutting the first half of the pumpkin and began blanching what I wasn't going to pickle before deciding to roast the second half before cutting it up. I had seen tips saying to roast the pumpkin before cutting it up, I should have followed those tips in the first place!

It was so much easier to finish cutting up the pumpkin after roasting it, but when I was all done, I had two jars of pickled pumpkin, a batch of roasted pumpkin seeds (much smaller than I had been hoping for) and enough pumpkin for nine pies, assuming two cups per pie.

The next day, my sister agreed to help me make some pumpkin muffins, but we ended up with a batch of pumpkin cupcakes instead, quite good, too. All decorated for Halloween!

I seriously doubt they'll last until Halloween, guess we'll have to make more!

I posted a link to this video on Twitter, and several people thanked me for posting it, if you haven't seen it, here is Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward -- Enjoy!

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