Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There's Still Time To Take the Local, Organic Thanksgiving Challenge!

Here's the backyard in the summer, all green and full of life!

This was the backyard just before Halloween. Lots of dead leaves falling off the trees, and covering the ground. It's no secret that I do not care for Autumn very much, and this may have been why I've been having a hard time trying to come up with a new post here.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I'm reminded of some better times when Jenn stopped by and left this great post on my entry about Fresh Tomatoes:

Hey there. Thanks for the great post about Eat Well (as well as the widget). Tomato season has come and gone, but I wanted to let you know that the Eat Well Guide is still very active. Eat Well has teamed up with the Consumers Union, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, to issue a Local, Organic Thanksgiving Challenge. We’re inviting people to take a spin on the Eat Well Guide to find local food and cook at least one local (preferably organic) dish for Thanksgiving, and share recipes at the CU site. Read more about it at the Green Fork...

So, I'm embarrassed that I haven't been keeping up with things over at the Green Fork blog, and Eat Well, but I'm encouraging all you readers to stop by and check it out for yourselves. Especially if you support eating locally, it's good for you and the environment!