Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Removal Less Than A Week Before Christmas

Finally received some real snow. The storm slowly started midday on Friday, and this is what we had Saturday morning.

We had about a foot of snow. It was still a light, yet steady snow when we started clearing the driveway and cleared off the cars and truck.

It's about 110 ft from the house to the road, and the driveway is wide enough to have three vehicles parked side by side at it's widest and could just barely fit two side by side at the road.

In years past, when the driveway would be cleared by someone with a snow plow on a truck, we would park the cars single file to one side, leaving the other side wide open for the snow plow.

The removal would be charged per storm, and during one year when we had a lot of storms, my dad spent so much money he decided to by a snow thrower (we've always called them snow blowers).

That was five years ago, and this Yard Machine snow thrower has more than paid for itself.

I started thinking about what I might look for to replace this if it would break down, and considering the size of this driveway and the large amounts of snow we get, I'm not sure if any of the electric models would be able to handle it.

Maybe I'll buy one anyway, and use it when we don't have as much snow.

As for getting another gas powered one like this one, I found that they no longer rate them by hp (horsepower), so I guess I would get another two-stage with a 24 inch clearing width which has the 179cc engine.

The 24 inch seems to be just the right width for getting in between the vehicles when we park normally.

Regardless of how good the snow blower is, sometimes you can't beat a good shovel. I like this snow shovel/pusher I have here. The shape is good for shoveling and pushing the snow around, and with the metal edge, it does a great job of getting right down to the pavement.

This morning I cleared out the parking spaces again using just the snow shovel, it's a nice excuse to get some exercise.

There's another storm predicted for Christmas Eve, and if it's rain, I won't be having a white Christmas. We'll see.

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Stazjia said...

I live in the south of England and we almost never see snow on this scale. Further north, they get deep snow and roads get blocked.

Actually, because here in England, winter comes as a complete surprise to us every year, one inch of snow is enough to bring road, rail and air travel to a grinding halt.

Tony said...

I spent Christmas on the South Coast of England too like Stazjia, and although there was no snow, it was really cold - that damp cold you get with grey skies.

I don't miss the cold and snow of Northern Indiana though, with the snow feet deep for most of the winter, although often the skies were clear and blue, and the crisp dry cold with sunshine rarely felt as cold as it does here.

Off back to the warmth of Florida on Sunday though :(