Monday, December 8, 2008

Wondering About A White Christmas

Second snow of the season, and it's really not all that much. I'm hoping for more by Christmas.

I still haven't had much time for blogging as I continue to write on Squidoo. I'm doing pretty well with topics such as Natural Gifts And Decorations For Christmas, Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts, Presents and Decorations, Eco-Friendly Gifts For Him, Eco-Friendly Gifts For Her, Old Fashioned Christmas and Rock N' Roll Holidays Celebrate The Holidays With Rock Music.

Since those are all holiday related Lenses, I'm now working more topics good for all year round like Clean Water - Water Filtration, Cayenne Pepper, Natural Toothpaste, Natural Mouthwash, Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash, and Using Spirulina - What Is Spirulina Good For?

I currently have 38 published pages on Squidoo and my goal is 50. Once I reach that goal, I plan on going back to Green For A Cleaner Life and rebuild it using things I've been learning from Squidoo and some of the people I've met there.

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