Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cold Season Already?

Where did the Summer go? Is it time for Cold Season Tea already? We've been hearing about Swine Flu since this past April (09), so perhaps it's been time for time for Cold Season Tea all Summer!

Cold Season Tea Bag In Cup

I haven't been ill, but I've been drinking Yogi Cold Season Tea every year for at least past 15 years now, usually starting when the weather begins getting cooler.

It hasn't completely kept me from getting sick every season, but it certainly has reduced how often, or how bad it can be. Besides, it has become a habit each year, a delicious one at that.Cold Season Tea In Cup

Based on the five Ayurvedic Spices from India, Yogi Cold Season Tea has a flavor that has become a part of my yearly experience. I suppose that some day I should see if I can make it an Iced Tea to substitute for some of the Iced Coffee I usually drink during the warm weather.

Then I can enjoy it all year long, not just during the cold season!